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Shining Stars Child Care Centre is located in the heart of York Region, servicing the communities of Richmond Hill, Vaughan and Markham. We are licensed by the Ministry of Education and our facility and programming complies with the Day Nurseries Acts of Ontario.

Our programs accommodate and meet the needs of toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarten-aged children (from one and half to six years of age), as well as children preparing for bilingual and French immersion programs. We provide exceptional quality childcare for families seeking to help their children realize their full potential.

We serve our children with three nutritious meals daily, all of which strictly follow Canada's food guide. We encourage parents/guardians to take an active role in their childs learning experiences, and work in a collaborative manner in order to meet every child's goals.

At Shining Stars Child Care Centre, our goal is to provide our children with a comfortable, safe, family-centred environment to learn and grow physically, emotionally, and intellectually. We strive to promote inclusivity and respect for all people, both children and adults alike.

We believe that all children are unique; possessing a variety of needs and interests. Children are encouraged to explore this individuality at Shining Stars, but at the same time learn to be a part of a big community and family. Both traditional academic goals are met at Shining Stars, as well as experiential and active learning through play. It is imperative for children to maintain a balance between academic work and play in order to reach their full physical, social/emotional, and academic potential.

We adhere to the philosophy and methodologies of both High Scope learning, as well as Emergent Curriculum. High Scope learning places emphasis on the importance of providing children with a solid foundation of language and mathematics skills, while Emergent Curriculum encourages creativity on both the parts of the caregivers and children by giving them the opportunity to express themselves freely and to design programming based on the children's interests.

Please feel free to come in and take a tour of our center.

Your feedback is greatly valued as it will assist us in the pursuit of continuous improvement, and allow us to strive to be our very best in providing top-quality childcare services.