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Preschool Program

Our Preschool Program (2.5 years to 4 years):

Preschoolers have a program that includes a wide range of experiences, which builds on the natural curiosity of this age group about the world around them. The children will explore topics through group time introductions and reviews, daily enrichments, and additions to each learning center. Because preschoolers like to learn new information and have the desire to master new tasks, much of what your child learns will be through self-directed experiences. Throughout the day, children will have the opportunity to explore the classroom’s learning centers: Blocks & Building, Dramatic Play, Library, Music & Movement, Cognitive, Science & Discovery, and Creative. Learning through play, in these clearly defined areas of interest, promotes independence, fosters decision-making, and encourages hands-on involvement. Each learning center engages the child’s core components of development: social-emotional, language, cognitive, physical and aesthetic. Each child develops at their own pace and we encourage communication between teacher and parents on the progress of their child. Daily communication from the classroom teachers will update parents on activities, future class projects and field trips. The program also introduces French in a fun and interactive way through circles, props, charts and stories. Our teachers will encourage children to become comfortable with using basic French words in everyday conversations. Parents will receive daily updates with their child’s teacher about their progress.