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JK & SK Program

Our Junior and Senior Kindergarten Program (4 years to 7 years):

Our JK/SK program is geared to the needs of children who attend junior or senior kindergarten, but who require care for the days they are not attending school. Activities in the program build upon the kindergarten experiences such as auditory skills, reading and writing, visual discrimination, art projects, letter concepts and math awareness. Topics, with related activities, assist in developing your child's knowledge base, attention span and effective communicating skills. The children have the opportunity to explore the discovery centers that exist in the classroom such as Blocks & Building, Dramatic Play, Library, Music & Movement, Cognitive, Science & Discovery, and Creative. The children will learn the basic skills for reading and writing; Learning the letter sounds (including initial consonant and vowels), learning letter formation (correctly printing the letters), blending (forming words by combining letter sounds to make words) , identifying sounds in words (beginning, middle and ending) , spelling and identifying familiar words (“tricky” words). The children also focus on printing and level reading to develop language and literacy skills. Our numeracy program introduces the children to the basic math skills they will need when entering grade one. The program also introduces French in a fun and interactive way through circles, props, charts and stories. Our teachers will encourage children to become comfortable with using basic French words in everyday conversations. Our focus is on verbal speaking but the children will have visual displays to accompany their lessons. Parents will receive daily updates with their child's teacher about their progress.